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Createsm edits and checks preprocessing structures
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Work with graphical preprocessing projects for ATP-EMTP on MS Windows by building electric circuits with the mouse and selecting predefined components from the available palette, then copying/pasting, grouping, rotating, exporting and importing elements.

ATPDraw is a graphical preprocessor to the ATP-EMTP on the MS Windows platform. In the program the user can build up an electric circuit, using the mouse, by selecting predefined components from an extensive palette. Based on the graphical drawing of the circuit, ATPDraw generates the ATP file in the appropriate format based on "what you see is what you get". All kinds of standard circuit editing facilities (copy/paste, grouping, rotate, export/import) are supported. Circuit node naming is administrated by ATPDraw and the user only needs to give name to "key" nodes. More than 65 standard components and 25 TACS objects are available, and in addition the user can create new objects based on MODELS or Data Base Modularization. ATPDraw has a standard Windows layout, supports multiple documents and offers a large Windows help file system, which explains the most basic rules. Other facilities in ATPDraw are: a built-in editor for ATP-file editing, support of Windows clipboard for bitmap/metafile, output of MetaFiles/Bitmaps files or PostScript files not limited to circuit window size, a new module for using Line/Cable Constant punch files directly in ATPDraw, a tool-bar below the main menu containing the most used selections together with the last 9 selected components, an extensive UnDo/ReDo handling with up to 100 steps, etc.

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